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Custom Injection Molding – Bay Area, California

Precision Injection Molding for The Bay Area & Beyond

Springboard proudly provides high quality, high precision plastic injection molding for the San Francisco Bay area. Based in Menlo Park, we use advanced molding technology and years of experience to deliver intricate plastic parts for critical applications in medicalaerospace, consumer, and other markets.

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Springboard’s Custom Injection Molding Service Advantages

At Springboard, we provide custom injection molding services based on your project’s exact requirements. Our Bay Area, California location can provide you with a broad range of material options for your custom injection molding needs. Our custom injection molding services provide the following benefits:

  • Complete, start-to-finish plastic injection molding. From design assistance through full production runs to delivery, we provide turnkey service for customers all around the Bay Area.
  • Overmoldingmicro moldinginsert molding, specialty medical device molding, and other proven molding capabilities enable us to deliver the complex parts you need.
  • Extensive experience with a variety of high performance and engineered plastic materials, including thermoplasticsexotic resins, and more.
  • Value-add secondary services like ultrasonic bonding and assembly give you more complete parts with less hassles. We do more of the work so you don’t have to.
  • ISO 13485:2016 certified quality processes ensure that all injection molded parts meet or exceed customer expectations and industry requirements.

Bay Area, California Injection Molding Service Options

Springboard’s Bay Area molding services provides numerous options for your plastic injection molding service needs. Our Bay Area, California facility can produce a wide range of custom plastic injection molded parts that are designed to your project’s exact specifications. Springboard’s Bay Area, California facility provides the following plastic molding services:

Injection Molding

With tight tolerance acceptance and rapid repeatability, plastic injection molding is ideal for high volume production of plastic molded parts. Injection molding utilizes a wide range of thermoplastic polymers, resins, and elastomers.

Medical Molding

Medical injection molding is an ideal process for high volume production runs and for applications that require consistency and tight tolerances. Medical injection molding is used for FDA approval and laboratory testing.


Overmolding is a standard plastic injection process that combines a base layer mold with additional plastic layers that are molded around the part. Overmolding improves product grip and ergonomics, allow for electrical insulation, or create a waterproof seal.

Insert Molding

Insert molding allows for a previously fabricated component to be fully encapsulated in a molten resin to create a finished part. Plastic insert molding is ideal for improving the strength and reliability of a component and can help save on cost and production time.

Ultrasonic Bonding

The ultrasonic bonding process utilizes high frequency sound waves to fuse together two separate workpieces. Sonic welding decreases production costs while producing high quality bonds with tight seals.

Micro Molding

Micro injection molding is highly useful in the medical and electronic industries and produces high precision parts that are small. Springboard has the capabilities to produce miniscule parts with intricate details and features that would be impossible to manufacture by other means.

The Bay Area’s Injection Molding Leaders

Springboard has been providing precision injection molding for the Bay Area and beyond for more than 20 years. Request a quote today or contact us to discuss your injection molding project.

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