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Springboard provides a range of plastic molding services including injection molding, medical molding, micro molding, overmolding, and insert molding. Plastic injection molding is a fast, efficient, and effective way to produce large volumes of high precision parts. The process is used across industries ranging from consumer goods to aerospace to produce high-quality parts.

We have experience working with a wide range of thermoplastic materials in our injection molding processes, ranging from standard thermoplastic resins to exotic and engineered polymers like Delrin plastic. With our materials expertise, we can provide the option that provides the right physical characteristics for your unique application.

Our quality assurance processes and ISO 13485:2016 Certification also demonstrate our commitment to delivering parts and components that meet strict quality standards and the needs of our customers.  We also provide pad printing, sonic welding, and assembly services to complete your project.

Request a quote for plastic molding services or contact us to discuss which thermoplastic material is best suited for your application.

What Are Thermoplastic Materials?

A thermoplastic, or thermoplastic resin, is a type of polymer material that becomes pliable and moldable when heated above a specific temperature and that hardens into a solid when cooled. Most varieties of thermoplastic resin are recyclable and can be reheated, reshaped, and reused repeatedly.

Common Thermoplastic Materials

Common thermoplastic materials are used in a range of plastic injection molding applications including consumer goods, food and beverage, and medical.  We work with various materials including:

Specialized Thermoplastic Resin Materials

Specialized thermoplastic resin materials are blended to create unique characteristics for heavy-duty applications including medical, military, and aerospace. Our options for plastic injection molding include:

Most of the above thermoplastic resin materials can be blended with carbon fiber additives for increased strength and durability.

Exotic Thermoplastic Resin Materials

Exotic thermoplastic resin materials have superior strength, durability, and temperature resistance for demanding applications and extreme operating conditions. We use various exotic thermoplastic resin materials, including:

Most of the above exotic resins can be blended with carbon fiber additives for increased strength and durability.

Delrin® Plastic

A homopolymer variation of polyoxymethylene (POM), Delrin® plastic is the thermoplastic resin of choice for injection molded parts and products that require high stiffness, low friction, and superior dimensional stability.

Selecting A Thermoplastic Material for Your Injection Molding Project

There are hundreds of different types of thermoplastics, each with varying crystalline structures, density, and physical/mechanical characteristics. Each thermoplastic resin offers its own advantages and disadvantages, making it very important to choose the material that is best suited for the environmental and performance requirements of a given application. 

Factors to consider when selecting a thermoplastic material include material hardness, flexibility, and weight. Material hardness, or Shore hardness, ranges from 0 to 100 and includes A and D type materials. The higher the Shore harness, the more resistant the material is to wear, abrasion, and environmental conditions.

The flexibility of thermoplastic material is also important, especially for tubing and other components that must be able to bend with without cracking or breaking. Both hard and soft thermoplastic materials can be flexible, so softness is not necessarily indicative of a material’s flexibility. Weight is also an important factor, especially for medical and aerospace applications. In general, the weight of thermoplastic material can be determined by its density.

These factors, along with cost, are all important considerations in selecting a material for your plastic injection molding product. If you need assistance determining which thermoplastic material is best for your application, contact our team of plastic molding experts.

Quality Injection Molded Parts in the Thermoplastic Resin You Need

Springboard are the proven experts in precision plastic molding. Request a quote on your injection molding project, or contact us to discuss your thermoplastic material requirements.

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