COP (cyclo olefin polymer)

Injection Molding Resin: COP (cyclo olefin polymer)

  • Introduction to COP (cyclo olefin polymer): COP stands out as a top-tier specialty resin revered for its exceptional properties, making waves across industries.
  • Premium Characteristics of COP: With its adaptable composition, COP offers a myriad of premium characteristics tailored for the most rigorous applications. Its exceptional moldability enables intricate designs and precise geometries, while its low birefringence guarantees clarity and consistency in optical applications.
  • Benefits of COP in Manufacturing: Bolstered by its impressive transparency, COP enhances the visual appeal of end products across diverse markets. Its robust resistance to high temperatures ensures dependable performance in demanding environments, while its minimal water absorption renders it ideal for applications requiring resilience to moisture and environmental elements. As the material of choice for critical applications, COP epitomizes excellence in performance, reliability, and versatility, establishing itself as an indispensable asset in contemporary manufacturing processes.

COP (cyclo olefin polymer)Molding Services

COP Grades

COP is available in several grades that are suited for application such as:

  • Lab Test Equipment: Offers stability, precision, and reliability for accurate measurements in laboratory settings.
  • Optical Components: Provides exceptional clarity, consistency, and durability for lenses, filters, and other critical optical components.
  • Antennas: Offers outstanding electrical properties, mechanical stability, and environmental resilience for high-frequency antennas and communication devices.

Is COP Right for Your Project?

There are a wide range of exotic resins to choose from. How can you determine which one is best for your project? At Springboard, our team has extensive experience with injection molding and working with COP and other resins. By carefully analyzing your design and application, we can help you determine whether you should choose COP or go with some other material.

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