Medical Grade Plastics

Premium Medical Grade Plastic Resins for Injection Molding

Medical grade plastics are durable, reliable, and can be manufactured to meet FDA standards and regulations for a wide range of applications. Springboard Manufacturing utilizes a variety of medical grade resins in our medical plastic molding processes. We will work with you to determine the ideal material for your needs, while providing your medical device components with the necessary properties for advanced medical use.

At Springboard Manufacturing, we utilize our premium medical grade resins within our plastics injection molding processes for your medical device needs. We offer a wide range of medical grade plastic resin options based on your project’s exact specifications. By utilizing our plastics for medical devices, we create an exceptional range of high quality products that provide many benefits throughout the medical industry.

Contact us for more information regarding our plastic for medical device options, or call us at 916-853-0717 and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have. Springboard Manufacturing is your trusted manufacturer for advanced quality medical grade plastic resins.

Medical Grade Plastic Materials for Injection Molding Services

Springboard Manufacturing provides numerous plastic molding services for your medical device requirements including injection moldingmedical moldingmicro moldingovermolding, and insert molding. Our medical grade resins provide a fast, efficient, and effective way to produce large volumes of high precision parts. Apart from PPS and PSU resins, all our plastics are appropriate for the medical industry. The two types of plastics that produce the most technologically advanced medical components and devices in the industry are Ultem™ and PEEK.

Ultem™ Plastics for Medical Devices

Ultem™ is a premium medical grade resin that is ideal for the manufacturing of medical parts and components. Ultem™ is a SABIC trade name term for PEI. Ultem’s™ unique features and benefits allow it to be easily injected molded by Springboard’s medical grade resins experts. Ultem plastic resin maintains many beneficial qualities for the manufacturing of medical devices. Some of the direct benefits of utilizing Ultem injection molding material for your next medical device project, include:

  • High tensile strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Thermal & chemical stability
  • Good strength-to-weight ratio
  • Flame retardant
  • Easy to fabricate & machine

PEEK Medical Grade Plastics

PEEK medical grade resins provide excellent mechanical properties and are highly resistant to chemicals and thermal degradation, making it a highly desirable material for plastic injection molded products within the medical industry. PEEK makes an excellent plastic for medical devices, providing superb tensile strength and low weight. Additional advantages of PEEK Medical Resins include:

  • High chemical resistance, even at elevated temperatures
  • High hardness, stiffness & strength
  • Excellent fatigue & stress-crack resistance
  • Excellent resistance to high pressure water & steam without significant degradation
  • Can be sterilized via autoclave
  • Easy to machine & fabricate
  • UL 94 V-0 flammability rating
  • Very low smoke/toxic gas emission when exposed to flame
  • Suitable for continuous use in application temperatures up to 338°F/170°C

Other Injection Molding Plastics for Medical Devices

All plastic materials that Springboard provides for our Plastic Molding Services can be manufactured to FDA standards and regulations. Additionally, all Medical Molding and Medical Injection Molding processes can be applied to any of the medical grade plastic materials that we offer. Apart from Ultem™ and PEEK, we also offer:

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Contact us for more information regarding our technologically advanced plastics for medical devices, including PEEK, Ultem™ and other medical grade resins, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Springboard Manufacturing is your premier fabricator of high-quality medical device products manufactured from premium medical grade plastic materials.

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