Plastic Molding Services

Injection molding and other custom plastic molding services provide an effective and efficient way to mass-produce plastic parts and/or products. With plastic molding, thousands or even millions of high quality, high precision parts can be manufactured with perfect repeatability and with relatively quick turnaround times. 

Springboard is an industry leader in the development of high-quality plastic molding capabilities. We can provide a wide range of custom plastic molding services to fit your specific project needs. Contact us for more information regarding plastic molding services and capabilities, or call us at 916-853-0717 and we can help you with any plastic molding questions that you may have.

Comprehensive Plastic Molding Capabilities

As premium plastic molding manufacturers, Springboard specializes in a range of plastic molding services, including plastic injection molding. With with our elite plastic molding secondary services, we can provide you with the ideal plastic services to provide you with the perfect injection molded parts for your unique application.

Our plastic molding services include the following:

Injection Molding

Injection molding is an effective and efficient way to mass-produce plastic parts and/or products. With plastic molding, thousands or even millions of high quality, high precision parts can be manufactured with perfect repeatability and in relatively quick turnaround. Injection molding produces minimal scrap, making it far less wasteful than other plastic manufacturing processes, such as CNC machining. 

Plastic Injection Molding uses custom-made molds with cavities in the shape of the desired part. Raw plastic material is heated to a near-liquid state and forced into the mold under pressure (injected) to create solid or hollow plastic parts. The plastic quickly cools and the mold opens to eject the finished parts. Molds can be designed with multiple cavities to produce several parts per cycle, and can be engineered for extreme dimensional precision and tight tolerances.

Springboard is the proven expert in plastic injection molding. We use “scientific molding” methods to experiment with different variables and collect data, which helps us optimize the injection molding process for maximum efficiency and superior quality products from the first piece to the last.

Medical Molding

The medical plastic injection molding process is cost-efficient, and ideal for high volume production runs and applications requiring consistency and tight tolerances. This molding process is also used for medical device prototype development for the FDA approval process and for use in laboratory testing.

Springboard provides precision medical molding for stents, implants, sutures, and other medical components and sub-assemblies. Our plastic injection molding skills and experience with a variety of medical-grade plastic resins enable us to meet the stringent requirements of this demanding industry.

Micro Molding

Micro molding is a highly specialized process used to produce minuscule parts with intricate details and features that would be impossible to manufacture via other methods. We have extensive experience in custom micro molding that enables us to produce precision parts for surgical devices, electronics, and other applications where space is tight. 

This process is extremely useful in the medical industry, where micro molded parts are used in surgical devices and other applications. The micro molding method is also very popular in electronics and other industries, where trends continue toward “smaller is better” manufacturing.


In overmolding, the first “base” layer part is molded first, and an additional layer or layers of plastic material are molded over the original part. (Think of a toothbrush with rubberized grips over a stiff plastic handle.) Our overmolding expertise enables us to maintain very tight tolerances over multiple molded layers. Overmolding is also used within a wide range of industries including medical, automotive, military and more. 

Insert Molding

Similar to overmolding, insert molding is the process of molding plastic parts around other, non-plastic parts (inserts). Our insert molding capabilities allow us to produce very small, high precision parts with intricate details and all manner of inserts, from knife blades to batteries to electric motors.

Plastic insert molding is ideal for improving the strength and reliability of a component and can help save on cost and production time by eliminating the need for secondary operations such as soldering, connectors, and adhesives.

Pad Printing

A popular and effective alternative to hot stamping and screen printing, the pad printing process makes it possible to add single- or multi-color graphics, lettering, etc. to a wide range of substrates.

With our custom pad printing capabilities, we can add lettering, logos, or nearly any other design you may need directly to the surface of your injection molded part. We use fully-automated 2-color pad printing technology and durable, quick-drying ink for fast and efficient service. 

Sonic Welding

Also known as “ultrasonic bonding”, sonic welding uses extremely high frequency acoustic vibrations to fuse two or more plastic parts into a single piece. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can create incredibly strong, permanent bonds. 

Springboard is an industry leader in the implementation of ultrasonic welding services. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to provide the very best sonic welding services in the country, with very short lead times. Our team will work directly with you to provide you with the results that you are looking to achieve. 


At Springboard, we provide a variety of light in-house assembly services to give you more complete finished products. Our assembly processes add value to your injection molded plastic parts and speed up your production process.

Plastic Injection Molds & Tooling

Plastic injection molds can be manufactured from a range of materials, such as aluminum, steel, or alloys, and may contain a variety of internal components, such as pins, guides, bushings, and ejectors.

Our injection molding processes are completely customizable to your unique project. We work with numerous world-class mold makers to create custom molds and tooling that match your exact design requirements, including single- and multi-cavity molds with up to 32 individual molding cavities.

Custom Plastic Molding Advantages 

Plastic molding services provides numerous extremely versatile methods of producing parts and products. With an abundance of plastic molding services available, Springboard offers a plastic molding service that is right for your application. Some of the significant benefits of utilizing plastic molding services, includes:

  • High efficiency
  • Enhanced strength
  • Complex Geometries
  • Detailed features
  • Advanced automation
  • High production rates

Plastic Molding Applications 

Parts that require close-tolerances and high production runs can benefit from plastic molding services. Springboard’s many primary and secondary custom plastic molding services can provide an ideal solution for many industries that are looking to produce a high volume of precision quality parts. Some of the applications that benefit most from these services, include: 

Custom Plastic Molding Capabilities

Whether you are looking for fully customized injection molding or other customized secondary plastic molding services, Springboard has you covered. We an provide advanced quality customized plastic molding, or molding services to fit your exact project requirement needs. As custom plastic molding manufacturers, we can provide a plastic molding solution that is optimized to your project requirements. Just let us know your specifications and we can create a customized approach to your custom plastic needs. 

Plastic Molding Materials

From standard thermoplastics to exotic resins, Springboard has extensive experience with a wide range of materials. View our injection molding materials page for more information contact us to discuss your unique material requirements. 

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We are the experts in precision plastic molding! We provide turnkey service throughout your entire product development process, from design engineering to prototyping to mass production. With our comprehensive injection molding capabilities, we have what it takes to turn your designs into the high quality, high precision parts and products you need.

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