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California’s Leader in Precision Injection Molding

If you’re looking for precision plastic injection molding in California, look no further than Springboard. We are one of the Golden State’s leading providers of high quality, high precision injection molding, using innovative molding techniques to deliver intricate plastic parts for critical applications.

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Why Choose Springboard for Plastic Injection Molding in California?

Based in Menlo Park, California, we are ideally located to provide precision injection molding services for customers all across California. Benefits of working with Springboard on your plastic injection molding project include:

Turnkey Plastic Injection Molding

From the design stage to high volume production to delivery of your finished parts, we provide complete, start-to-finish service. We offer engineering service to optimize your product designs for optimum performance and manufacturability. Springboard is the #1 full-service precision plastic injection molding provider in California.

Proven Plastic Injection Molding Techniques

Our comprehensive injection molding capabilities include:

  • Overmolding: A base layer part is molded first, then one or more additional plastic layers are molded over the original part.
  • Insert molding: Plastic parts are molded or formed around other, non-plastic parts, called inserts. Common inserts include knife blades and motors.
  • Medical device molding: We are ISO 13485:2016 certified for plastic injection molding for specialized medical parts and components.
  • Micro molding: This tight tolerance process is used to manufacture very small parts and components with intricate details that would impossible to produce via other means.
  • and more

Materials Expertise

Springboard has extensive expertise in injection molding with thermoplasticsexotic resins, and other high performance plastic materials. As needed, we will help you select the ideal material for your precision injection molding project, based on your application and performance requirements.

Secondary Services

To add further value to our plastic injection molding services and give you more complete parts, we offer a variety of secondary services, include:

  • Sonic welding: Also called, ultrasonic bonding, this technique uses high speed vibrations to permanently bond two or more plastic injection molded parts together into a single component.
  • Assembly: We use an array of processes to turn individual plastic parts into more complete assemblies that are ready or nearly-ready to use.
  • Pad printing: Similar to silk screening, pad printing can be used to add lettering, logos, instructional graphics, or any other design your injection molded parts need.
  • and more

ISO 13484:2016 Certification

Our ISO 13484:2016 certification ensures that your injection molded parts meet or exceed your expectations for quality and precision. Ongoing personnel training programs guarantee that we can continue to provide the best plastic injection molding processes in California—and beyond.

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From Crescent City to Chula Vista and everywhere in between, we are California’s #1 source for plastic injection molding. Request a quote or contact Springboard to discuss your custom injection molding project.

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