Precision Copolymer Injection Molding Services

Copolymers, formed by combining two or more different monomers, offer a versatile range of plastic materials. An example is ABS, comprising acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene molecules. Leveraging the unique properties of its constituent parts, copolymers enhance performance and durability in various applications.

Popular Copolymer Thermoplastics for Injection Molding include:

Copolymer Molding Services Offered:

Injection Molding with Copolymer Thermoplastics

At Springboard, we specialize in injection molding with a wide array of copolymers. With our expertise, we optimize the performance of each material, ensuring high-precision parts that align with your specifications and industry standards.

Comprehensive Solutions:

Beyond injection molding, we offer secondary services like sonic welding, assembly, and pad printing, streamlining the manufacturing process and delivering complete parts ready for use. 

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