Plastic Parts Assembly

In addition to custom plastic injection molding, Springboard offers a variety of light assembly services in-house. With sonic welding, pad printing, and more, we can deliver more complete finished products. Our plastic assembly processes add value to your parts and components, and help speed up your overall production process.

Sonic Welding & More

Springboard performs mechanical assembly to turn multiple subcomponent parts into a single finished assembly, which can then be shipped to you for further manufacturing and assembly, as needed. Depending on the needs of your project, the material from which your parts are molded, and other factors, we will use one of the following processes for plastic parts assembly:

  • We use sonic welding (a.k.a. ultrasonic bonding) to fuse separately molded plastic parts using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • We utilize specialized pneumatic presses that can meld two or more freshly molded parts using applied pressure.
  • We work with a number of specialty adhesives, including UV light-activated bonding agents, to connect two or more custom plastic injection molded parts.

Pad Printing

Our custom pad printing services can add company logos, instructional graphics, or any design you need to the surface of your injection molded plastic parts. Pad printing is the perfect way to add branding or part identification to your parts. In many cases, depending on the material from which your parts are molded, pad printing is a permanent part marking solution.

Plastic Assembly in A Controlled Environment

We perform many of our plastic parts assembly services in a HEPA-filtered assembly room. Working in this more controlled, clean-critical environment ensures the high quality of our in-house assembly processes, and results in the best finished products possible for our customers.

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Springboard offers pad printing, sonic welding, and other assembly services, along with a range of value-added secondary operations, to give our custom plastic injection molded parts an extra level of quality. Contact us today to put our assembly processes and other unique services to work on your next project.

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