Multi-Cavity Injection Molding

Multi-Cavity Injection Molding

Multi-cavity injection molding pertains to injection molding for more than one cavity. They are essentially multi-component molds. However, multi-cavity injection molds should not be confused with family injection molds. Multi-cavity molds produce more than one product or component per cycle whereas family injection molds produce multiple components or sets of parts.

Springboard Manufacturing has over 25 years of plastic injection molding experience.  Our custom multi-cavity injection molding experts are ready to help create a custom injection molding solution for your application needs.

If you are unsure which type of injection molding process or material will work for your requirements, please contact us or call us at 916-853-0717. Our injection molding experts are ready to help you select the best solution for your multi-cavity injection molding needs.

Multi-Cavity Injection Molding vs. Single-Cavity Injection Molding

While single-cavity and multi-cavity injection molding each offer benefits, it is important to understand the advantages and challenges of both injection molding processes.

Multi-Cavity Injection Molding

Benefits of multi-cavity injection molding include:

  • Cost-effective way to produce multiple parts
    • Multi-cavity molding produces more parts per hour
  • Short lead times due to high production efficiencies
  • Less scrap/wasted material
    • Springboard Manufacturing utilizes hot runner molds that minimize waste and allows for fast cycle times and consistent molds

Challenges of multi-cavity injection molding include:

  • Increased upfront capital investment
  • Lead times are longer when compared to single-cavity injection molding
  • If one cavity needs to be shut off it reduces the efficiency of the mold

Single-Cavity Injection Molding

Benefits of single-cavity injection molding include:

  • Cost efficient due to set cycle times
    • Less expensive than multi-cavity injection molding
  • Quicker to produce
    • Less expensive than multi-cavity injection molding

Challenges of single-cavity injection molding include:

  • Lower production rate than multi-cavity injection molding
    • Not ideal for high volume production runs
  • Cost per part increases due to low production capabilities

Multi-Cavity Injection Mold Factors to Consider

One of the biggest factors to consider when deciding between single-cavity and multi-cavity injection molding remains production run volume and lead times. If you are under time constraints, multi-cavity molds might not be best suited for your project. Additionally, multi-cavity injection molds offer cost reduction for molds but can have more costly tooling than single-cavity molds.

Design Factors to Consider for Multi-Cavity Injection Molding

  • Mold Geometries. Due to the multi-layer aspect of multi-cavity injection molding, consistent distribution of the core materials remains exceedingly important. This distribution can be influenced by the materials used as well as the process of the core materials entering the cavity mold.
    • Injection flow rate and flow pattern can adversely affect the material distribution
    • Symmetrical designs can offer a better distribution
  • Multi-cavity mold design modifications Additional design modifications that can contribute to successful multi-cavity injection mold designs include venting, tight tolerances, and pressure of the molding process.
  • Size of the multi-cavity mold. With size comes complexity. The bigger the multi-cavity mold, the more complex the design and subsequent geometries there will be to consider.

Types of Injection Molding to Consider for Custom Multi-Cavity Molding

Springboard Manufacturing is capable of producing all types of injection molding, including:

Plastic Injection Molding Materials

Our custom multi-cavity injection molding capabilities include plastic injection molds made from the following plastic materials:

Injection Molding Material



  • Versatile material used to replace metal
  • High chemical resistance and high hardness/strength


  • Similar to PEEK but with lower impact strength and temperature properties
  • Dimensionally stable thermal plastics


  • High resistance to heat, chemicals, and impact
  • Versatile injection molding plastics


  • High stiffness and impact strength
  • Retains strength at high-temperatures

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