Springboard’s Engineering Consultation

Springboard is an industry leading injection molding manufacturer. Our experienced staff will work directly with your engineers to ensure that your design specifications are accurately manufactured into the end product. We offer consultations for manufacturability to advise your design team on necessary changes prior to the custom plastic injection molding process.

New Part Designs & Plastic Prototyping

Our R&D manufacturing services are ideal for customers with new part or product designs. We can fabricate prototypes and short runs that allow you to check that design criteria are met and that full functionality is achieved in the finished product.

After you’ve implemented any necessary changes to your designs, Springboard will adjust our molding and tooling to create products that include these adjustments. We work closely with several quality tool- and mold-makers who help us create injection molded parts that will precisely match your specifications over any number of design iterations.

Plastic Product Design Support

If a customer brings us a design that cannot be accurately produced, we will advise their designers on changes that will make it possible to manufacture the part or product. Our engineering consultation process helps guarantee that we can produce the parts you need without wasting time and money on imperfect or inaccurate moldings.

Injection Molding Engineering for Demanding Industries

Springboard offers engineering consultation for injection molded plastic parts and products for all industries. We have the experience and expertise to meet the stringent specifications of some of the world’s most demanding industries, including:

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